Appligent Document Solutions releases pdfHarmony

Appligent Document Solutions (ADS) has announced the December 3 release of pdfHarmony, its first all-new product leveraging Adobe’s PDF Library. The application can identify and fix ‘broken’ PDF files and pages just like Adobe Acrobat. The difference is that pdfHarmony is a server-bsed solution.

‘PDF quality varies wildly, and for those relying on PDF to reliably and accurately convey and store electronic documents, files that won’t open or pages that won’t render just aren’t acceptable,’ said Appligent Document Solutions CEO Duff Johnson. ‘With pdfHarmony, organizations have a revolutionary new way to ensure quality and reliability in document collections, workflows and mission-critical corporate information repositories.’

According to the official press release, pdfHarmony will be the first solution to allow the standardization of input PDF files into true Adobe PDF, the detection of PDF files or pages that would not be displayed correctly in Adobe Reader. Another unprecedented feature is pdfHarmony’s ability to safely repair and optimize PDFs when possible.

Developers and integrators can call pdfHarmony for on-demand processing under Windows, Linux, AIX and Solaris. The software can be set to watch folders or process files in batch mode (recurse through subfolders). For more information, please visit

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