Apple to Include New PDF Capabilities Into Mobile

With the release of the new iOS 7 software expected in the next coming days, Apple have given us a taste of many of the new operating systems features, but not everything has been let out of the bag.

A new feature of the iOS 7 software is that many people will hope to be able to access their PDF files on the fly and make annotations to existing PDF documents.

There may be far reaching implications where editing and providing feedback on the fly is vital.

According to the Mac Worlds article, you may be able to display annotations to your PDFs by default.
In what application will this be possible, some people may be asking? Apple’s very own iBooks is would be the traditional option, as it is the current operating system on iOS’s default PDF reader.

In other Apple iBook related news the app will also let users manage PDF files. Users with large PDF libraries should find iBooks’ collection management features and ability to sync with iDevices very useful.
What implications do you think this will have for third party PDF readers like Adobe and FoxIt?

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