Appending PDF Pages

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The following is excerpted, published with the expressed permission of the author and publisher, from an introductory chapter of ‘Adobe Acrobat 6: Complete Course‘ book.

You might need to create a single PDF document from several documents already in PDF format. In this segment you’ll learn to insert pages in the open document from files located in your tutorial folder.

  • Download cb_annualReport.pdf [PDF: 429 kb]
  • Download cb_cover.pdf [PDF: 140 kb]
  • Download cb_financial.pdf [PDF: 160 kb]
  • Download cb_highlights.pdf [PDF: 180 kb]
  • Open both cb_annualReport.pdf and cb_cover.pdf in Acrobat
  • Choose Window > Tile > Vertically.

    Both pages are shown in the Document pane. When files are viewed together in the Document pane, you can move pages between documents. The TIFF file is the cover page for the cb_annualReport.pdf document. You need to copy the cover page and append it to the annual report document.

src=’’ width=’406′ height=’306′

  • Click the Pages tab on both documents.

    The Pages panel opens for both documents. In the Pages panel, you see thumbnail views of the document pages.

  • Click the page thumbnail on the cb_cover.pdf document.

src=’’ width=’480′ height=’232′

  • While holding down the mouse click, drag the cover page thumbnail to the top of page 1 in the cb_annualReport.pdf document.

    As you position the cursor in the Pages panel in the destina tion document, notice the cursor changes to a selection arrow with a + symbol. When you release the mouse button, the page is pasted into the destination document.

  • Click the Close box on the cover file.
  • Click the Maximize button in the open document.
  • Click the Maximize button in the Acrobat window.

src=’’ width=’406′ height=’306′

  • Size the window down by dragging the lower-right corner of the window up and to the left. Click on the title bar in the Acrobat window and move the window aside (to the left in this example) so you can view your folder.
  • Open the tutorial folder and click cb_financial.pdf.
  • While holding down the mouse click, drag the file below the first page thumbnail in the Acrobat window.

    Notice the file is appended to the document when you release the mouse button.

  • Drag the scroll bar in the Pages panel down to scroll to the bottom of the page thumbnails.

src=’’ width=’406′ height=’306′

  • Click cb_highlights.pdf in the tutorial folder.
  • Drag the file to the Pages panel below page 14.

    The file is appended to the open document.

  • Click Maximize to open the Acrobat window in a full-screen view. Macintosh users click the plus (+) button in the Acrobat window title bar to maximize the view.

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