Apago ships update to PDF Enhancer

recently announced a new version of HREF=’http://www.apago.com/pdfenhancer/’ TARGET=’_NEW’>PDF
Enhancer 2.6 for Mac OS X, Windows and Sun Solaris. ‘PDF
Enhancer is already the most powerful PDF assembly,
optimization and repurposing tool available. We continue to
add new features to PDF Enhancer based on market research
and the excellent feedback we receive from our customers,’
said Dwight Kelly, President of Apago.

PDF Enhancer automatically performs complex
document assembly and preparation tasks that previously
required several applications and lots of manual labor. PDF
Enhancer optimizes a PDF file for a specific use such as
high-quality printing, electronic edition of a magazine or
newspaper, a Web-ready sales brochure or technical document,
sales presentation or product catalog.

In one step, PDF Enhancer can prepare a
document for use on the Web by changing the colorspace to
RGB, reducing the file size with compression and image
resampling, correcting structural problems, removing
unneeded elements like private metadata and securing the
document to protect content and provide access

PDF Enhancer can also be used for
scan-to-Web conversions also. Using the advanced JBIG2
compression technology, it converts scanned documents in
TIFF or PDF into compact, high-quality PDF files. Most
documents can be reduced a small faction of their original
size even if they were already compressed using CCITT Group
3 or 4. Unlike other JBIG2 solutions, there are no
additional ‘click charges’ per file or page.

In addition to numerous performance
improvements and bug fixes,enhancements to version 2.6

  • Fonts: Fonts
    that are used in a document can be automatically embedded.
    Embedded fonts insure document fidelity regardless of the
    viewer’s system configuration. TrueType font subsetting has
    also been enhanced.
  • Bates and Page Numbering:
    PDF Enhancer can now stamp pages with Bates or page numbers.
    Users have complete control over the formatting, location
    and appearance.
  • Color: The color
    capabilities have been improved in a number of areas
    including special handling of /Separation /All and /None
    colorspaces and improved handling of smooth shadings.

  • Optimizations: Several new
    ‘targeted optimization’ techniques are available for smaller
    file sizes without reducing quality.

  • Improved scanned document
    : PDF Enhancer can now halftone grayscale
    images to allow JBIG2 compression.
  • Windows COM support:
    PDF Enhancer Server products have a new Microsoft Windows
    COM automation interface.

‘The addition of the COM API to
the Windows Server Editions permits developers to tightly
integrate the functionality of PDF Enhancer into their
applications,’ said Leonard Rosenthol, Chief Innovation
Officer of Apago. ‘Corporate and OEM customers have already
licensed PDF Enhancer for inclusion into their products.’
The COM Server is callable from most Windows development
languages including Visual Basic, C++, C# and WSH.

PDF Enhancer 2.6 is available immediately in
four versions:

  • Standard ($179) and
    Professional ($349) for desktop use

  • Server Edition ($999) and a Server Edition with
    JBIG2 compression support ($1499)

The desktop and server versions are
available for Mac OS X (10.2 and later) and Windows
98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003. Server versions are also available
Sun Solaris.

The upgrade is free to registered users
of PDF Enhancer 2.0 and 2.5.

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