Apago rolls out PDF Shrink 4.1

Apago has rolled out PDF Shrink 4.1 just in time for the MacWorld Conference and Expo where the company is showcasing the utility for shrinking PDF file sizes.

Dwight Kelly, president of Apago said the company incorporated a lot of feedback from customers to make the solution easier to use. ‘There are a lot of small changes…such as adding the ability to reorder items in the processing queue, clearing the log messages and preserving Spotlight search media.’

Apago also improved the compression technologies inside PDF Shrink 4.1 to further reduce file sizes and addressed some minor bug fixes as well.

PDF Shrink has a built-in bug reporter that sends Apago information, with permission of the user, which enables them to reproduce the problem and enable a fix. Shrink also has a feature to notify the user when an update is available.

In particular, Kelly said the wizard feature is a great feature for novice users ‘because it takes away the tech jargon and just asks users basic questions about how they intent to use the ‘shrunk’ PDF,’ noted Kelly.

‘We designed the wizard to ask the fewest number of simple questions and then Shrink automatically figures out the best settings.’

The wizard also helps users determine the optimal image resolution by asking how users intend to use the reduced sized file: via the Web, email or on screen. Additionally, the wizard offers password encryption for files.

On the outlook for PDFs in 2007 and Apago, Kelly said, ‘Acrobat 8 didn’t exactly set the world on fire, but we liked a couple of new features.’ Kelly noted that Adobe has expanded the market for Acrobat into legal, engineering and architecture with the new features of redaction and 3D.

And the future looks bright for Apago as Kelly said it will continue to focus on improvements to its line of PDF products and the company also has several new products in development.

Most interestingly, Kelly said one new product the company is developing will ‘make submitting advertising to publications much easier.’ Apago has partnered with Vio for the initial installations and the feedback from the beta sites is very good, noted Kelly.

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