Apago releases PDF Enhancer 3.5

Apago has announced the release of PDF Enhancer 3.5.

A major update to the last release, version 3.5 features improved processing speeds, reliability, advanced scanned document clean-up, AES security, and improved font and color handling.

With over 500 commands controlled through a simple user interface, users can control nearly every aspect of the final PDF from annotations to Unicode font tables.

The release also features a queue-based batch processing environment. It is also available with a Java interface or scriptable command line interface on all supported platforms as well as a COM object on Windows.

Pricing for PDF Enhancer 3.5 Professional Edition is $349, and Advanced Server Edition is $1,999. PDF Enhancer 3.5 is available as a free upgrade to customers with an active support contract. PDF Enhancer 3.x. Standard Edition users can upgrade to PDF Enhancer 3.5 Professional Edition for $99, and 3.x Professional Edition users can upgrade for $49. PDF Enhancer 3.x Server and Advanced Server users without active support contracts can upgrade by purchasing a support contract for $400. Upgrade pricing for earlier versions and free evaluation software are available at the PDF Enhancer webpage.

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