Apago launches Cluster Workflow

Earlier this week, Apago Inc. announced the release of Cluster Workflow, a solution for creating reliable and highly scalable workflows for prepress, magazine and newspaper publishers, and printers.

‘Tiger Server’s Unix foundation, support for SMP multiprocessing, built-in Apache and MySQL software combined with the Xserve G5 make an excellent platform for Cluster Workflow,’ said Dwight Kelly, President of Apago Inc. ‘For high-volume or complex production processes, Cluster Workflow maximizes the performance of each networked computer, which means that our customers can produce, publish and repurpose their content faster and easier.’

The server-based Apago Cluster Workflow allows users to manage multiple computers as a single virtual machine, thus sharing resources on a large scale. Rather than assigning tasks to individual servers, the Apago solution allows any available server in the cluster to perform tasks. As a result, adding computers increases the throughput of the entire cluster. Cluster Workflow also includes application modules based on Apago’s prepress and other PDF desktop applications, which include PDF Enhancer, Piktor and PSServices.

More information can be found at the Apago website.

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