Apago announces release of PDF Enhancer v.2.5

Apago, Inc. has announced the release of PDF Enhancer version 2.5 for Mac OS X and Windows in desktop and server configurations. The updated version includes new document optimization and assembly capabilities along with tools for the creation of electronic editions of print magazines and newspapers, and also incorporates new features important to server-based customers working with the myriad of dynamic PDF production tools.

‘PDF Enhancer is already the most powerful PDF optimization and repurposing tool available. We have continued adding new features, such as font subsetting, page bleed, trim and crop-box management and more flexible stamping and watermarking to PDF Enhancer based on feedback from our customers,’ said Leonard Rosenthol, Chief Innovation Officer for Apago.

‘PDF Enhancer 2.5 allowed The Cartoon Bank to fit 80 years worth of classic New Yorker cartoons onto only two CDROMs. PDF Enhancer retained the quality of cartoons while significantly reducing the size of the PDF files. We also used the stamping capabilities to add page numbers — automating a task that was previously labor intensive,’ said New Yorker Cartoon Editor Bob Mankoff.

Richie Lesovoy, Production Director for Future Networks says, ‘Future Network USA needed a reliable solution for converting our magazines’ high-resolution PDF pages into a format suitable for use in Zinio’s digital magazines. We used PDF Enhancer 2.5 to reduce the size of the files and automatically crop each page to the final trim size. PDF Enhancer will save us a significant amount of time and money each issue by allowing us to build our electronic magazine pages in-house with minimal time and effort.’

‘The process of converting a print magazine or newspaper to an electronic edition is labor intensive and expensive. Online content resellers, such as Newstand and Zinio, can charge publishers a processing fee for each issue. The new tools in PDF Enhancer can quickly convert a print magazine to an e-magazine, saving thousands of dollars in fees annually,’ said Dwight Kelly, president of Apago. PDF Enhancer 2.5 can automatically merge pages from multiple documents into one document, crop pages to the final trim size, reduce the resolution of images, convert colors to RGB, remove unused elements, add metadata and secure the document to prevent unauthorized use.

Newspapers often contain high-resolution halftoned images, which if simply scaled, would be illegible. PDF Enhancer 2.5 can convert the halftone images to a high quality grayscale image. In addition, PDF Enhancer’s image size reduction technologies have been improved to continue to produce even smaller images with equal or better quality than previous versions.

PDF Enhancer 2.5 can now convert TIFF files directly to PDF, compress and enhance them in a single step. PDF Enhancer Desktop for Mac OS also supports JPEG, PNG, GIF and Photoshop images – and with Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) or later Postscript and Encapsulated Postscript. Scanned documents can be reduced in size by up to 90 percent by using PDF Enhancer 2.5 JBIG2 Server Edition to convert TIFF documents to PDF with JBIG2 compression without any additional ‘click charges’ per file or page.


PDF Enhancer 2.5 is available immediately in four versions:

  • Standard – desktop use ($179)
  • Professional – desktop use ($349)
  • Server Edition ($999)
  • Server Edition with JBIG2 compression support ($1499)

The desktop and server versions are available for Mac OS X (10.2 and later) and Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP/2003. Future server versions will also support Solaris and Linux operating systems.

The upgrade is free to registered users of PDF Enhancer 2.0. For more information and other upgrade pricing, please visit http://www.apago.com/pdfenhancer.

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