Apago adds ‘Virtual Job-Ticket’ software

Alpharetta, Georgia-based Apago Inc. has announced an agreement with Prinux to take over the development and marketing of the company’s AcrosuitePRO software product.

AcrosuitePRO is a set of device-independent Adobe Acrobat plug-ins that help maximize the productivity of on-demand digital printers. Apago will integrate its toolbox of PDF technologies into AcrosuitePRO, and plans to convert the plug-in into a stand-alone product in 2008. As part of the agreement, Eric Roundtree, founder of Prinux, has joined Apago’s software development team.

The software allows printers to create a single ‘virtual job-ticket’ that describes how a document should be printed, including information about imposition, page size and the like. This job-ticket is not specific to a single model of digital printer, as is the case when using vendor-supplied print driver software. Apago is shipping the latest version of AcrosuitePRO v.2.6.2 and is providing technical support to current and existing customers.

More information can be found on Apago’s official web site.

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