Anark Interactive PMI Pro plug-in, server component released

Anark Corporation has released two Adobe product extensions that enable users to interrogate 3D PDFs containing 3D Model Based Definition (MBD) and Product Manufacturing Information (PMI).

According to the press release:

Anark Interactive PMI Pro is a plug-in for Adobe Acrobat Pro Extended (APEX) that adds new model and PMI interrogation capabilities to 3D PDF documents that contain geometric dimensions, manufacturing tolerances, and other 3D annotations. By adding advanced model interrogation capabilities to new and existing 3D PDFs, Anark Interactive PMI Pro enables clear communication of original design intent between internal and external stakeholders across the extended enterprise. Once the 3D PDF is processed and enhanced, the PMI data may be interrogated on any version of Acrobat Pro or Acrobat Pro Extended with or without the Anark plug-in.

For high-volume 3D PDF processing, Anark Interactive PMI Pro Server runs as an Adobe LiveCycle ES server component and adds these new design intent interrogation features to 3D PDFs and enables interrogation with the free Adobe Reader, which currently resides on nearly 98% of all computers worldwide.

‘Although the manufacturing industry has largely benefited from adopting 3D CAD across the enterprise, nearly all manufacturers still rely on 2D CAD drawings to communicate design intent,’ said Stephen Collins, CEO of Anark. ‘The ability to view and interact with 3D CAD within Adobe Acrobat and the free Adobe Reader, combined with the unique capabilities of the Anark Core platform and Anark Interactive PMI Pro, not only eliminates the need for 2D drawings, but also provides OEMs the with ability to securely share, exchange, and interact with manufacturing data without requiring suppliers to purchase expensive, proprietary, data exchange and viewing solutions.’

For more on the software, check out the official product webpage.

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