Amyuni releases PDF Analyzer

Amyuni has announced the release of PDF Analyzer, a standalone application designed to examine the structure and contents of PDF documents.

The solution is targeted at giving users great control over how documents are processed and optimized. Additionally, PDF Analyzer can also be used to compare documents, verify sensitive metadata and extract confidential information.

PDF Analyzer users can also generate customized reports on the PDF documents without having to submit the original document.

As PDF creation and document design has grown in its complexity, the potential for structural and design flaws with the PDF documents has also increased as noted by Franc Gagnon, Amyuni’s technical copywriter.

‘For example, if PDF font information is missing, recipients may not be able to display or edit the document properly or applications may be unable to process the PDF at all,’ said Gagnon.

For purchase and more information on the latest release you can go to the company website.

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