Aloaha releases Digital Signature Pack

Aloaha Software recently announced the release of a software package to enable qualified digital signatures. Aloaha’s parent company, Wrocklage Intermedia GmbH, has created a package to accelerate the acceptance of digital signatures/e-ID Cards by creating an easy way to digitally sign documents. The package includes a PC/SC capable Smartcard Reader, a smartcard and the Aloaha PDF Suite — all of which combine to create digitally signed PDF documents from Windows applications.

With the introduction of electronic signature laws in many countries around the world — including the oft-mentioned EU Regulation — EU countries are now racing to comply by the end of 2005. The rollout of the Digital Signature Pack can include the loading of a qualified digital certificate on to the smartcard, but the card is re-writeable in case organizations with PKI infrastructures prefer to use their own certificates.

‘Applications like the Aloaha PDF Suite help organizations to accelerate the widespread acceptance of digital signatures and the new electronic ID Cards in Europe,’ said Martin Wrocklage, Managing Director of Wrocklage Intermedia GmbH

An evaluation version of the Aloaha PDF Suite can be downloaded from

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