Al Gore and more PDF 2007

Alas, I did not get a chance to interview Al Gore in person, but he was really inspiring as far as his presentation on what we can all do now to save the Earth. (I literally chased Chris Smith down to give a book to him to get Mr. Gore to sign — and Chris being the great PDF conference host — took the book. Now I’m waiting for the signed copy!)

In particular, Gore did not delve deeply into PDF, but it was still a very interesting presentation and the audience was enthralled (including me) by Gore and his take on what we all need to do in terms of solving the environmental crisis. He did understand that he was speaking to a crowd of creatives and PDFers who are committed to creating less paper, so that was good!

I also had the chance to catch up with Thom Parker of WindJack Solutions. He’s doing two panels on Acrobat JavaScript and Automating Acrobat. In terms of PDFs, what I found compelling is how far he believes they will come in the next ten years, as Thom says, in terms of more and more people understanding what they can do with them.

It’s fascinating to talk to Thom because he loves what he does and is inspired by empowering people to do more.

‘There’s so much there in PDFs and they are very complex and broad. People are surprised at the amount of complexity and it’s exciting to see people understand all the things they can do with PDFs,’ says Parker.

Thom says in his particular arena, what they’re seeing is movement for empowering fillable forms and automating documents in terms of converting paper to PDFs.

Other panels I’ll be covering tomorrow include: PDF? XPS? Postscript?: with Nik Stanbridge and James Bidewell. And I’ll take a listen to Joel Geraci, Adobe Systems give the scoop on Adobe’s Mars Project in his session.

There’s also going to be a panel discussion for Acrobat Alternatives featuring Doug Saltsman, Frank Hymson, Gary Armstrong and Karl De Abrew tomorrow that I’ll report on.

I’ve yet to see Mickey Mouse, but am still hopeful!

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