Adobe’s Chizen says Adobe Reader experience will change

Adobe’s CEO Bruce Chizen this week during a Q&A session at the American Association of Publishers was quoted as saying, ‘We’re changing the experience of Acrobat Reader.’ Chizen went on to say that Adobe is aiming to take advantage of the growing numbers of people who access the Web through non-PC devices than PC devices in the next five years.

Chizen also told the crowd that Adobe has come to recognize that the forces of Web 2.0 and the ‘YouTube’ experience are conditioning consumers to expect free content.

Chizen was interviewed during a session moderated by AAP Chairman Richard Sarnoff, executive VP of Random House, Inc. The session was titled ‘Publishing in the MySpace Era,’ and covered critical issues for publishers on how to master new business models that take advantage of the changing digital landscape.

‘The Internet has fundamentally changed the publishing industry, as well as consumer behaviors and expectations, by creating a seismic shift in the demand for community, immediacy and richness of content,’ said Chizen. ‘This represents a significant opportunity for publishers to build on existing businesses and engage consumers with new kinds of content and experiences delivered across multiple channels.’

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