Adobe v Microsoft The Next Move

Microsoft has just made its first PDF creation product available free for download from its web site, making good on its promise months ago to give the tools away. If you remember our original story, after much wrangling with Adobe, Microsoft backed down on providing the functionality inside its Microsoft Office 2007 range of products. Instead, it announced it would give them away free via download to any Microsoft Office 2007 user. Adobe had wanted Microsoft to charge for the software.

There are now three versions available (for Microsoft Office 2007 only):

  • Save As PDF
  • Save As XPS
  • Save As PDF or XPS

We left the story poised some months ago, with Adobe leaving open the door to pursue Microsoft’s actions via legal means, though it said it had made no determination to take legal action at the time.

Are Microsoft’s actions monopolistic? Let’s wait and see what happens from here.

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