Adobe tweaks Acrobat 8.0

Adobe released an update to Acrobat 8 Professional and Acrobat 8 Standard which provides support for Microsoft Windows Vista and Office 2007.

Lori DeFurio blogged the announcement on June 5, at her blog and highlighted the updates stating, ‘The 8.1 release works with Microsoft Office 2007 and Microsoft Vista. Both PDF as a file form and Acrobat as an application are now ‘first class’ citizens in these environments.’

DeFurio also noted on the blog that they are conforming to the new ribbon UI in Office 2007 and are fully integrated. There were as of press date also some user comments noting problems with uploading the updates, but DeFurio had not yet responded to those.

Adobe Reader 8.1 is now available to users and compatible with Vista and can be downloaded from the official Adobe Reader page.

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