Adobe Shutters Adobe Stock Photos Service

Adobe has quietly shuttered its Adobe Stock Photo service saying in an FAQ that the service which shipped as part of Adobe Bridge will be shut down on April 1, 2008.

According to the FAQ, customers have until March 3rd to search for images on the stock photo service and buy any image until March 31st.

Adobe also has provided uninstallers for both Mac and Windows-based platforms which enables users to uninstall the application completely.

Adobe does not specifically address the cause for closure, but users will have to connect with other third-party vendors for stock images. With the plethora of free images available on the Web, it could be that Adobe was not seeing the usage it wanted in terms of the stock-photo offerings.

It’s slightly humorous that within the Adobe FAQ, the company long known for its adeptness at ‘no comment’ actually asks a question that it effectively answers with a ‘no comment’. The question raised on the FAQ is ‘Will Adobe Stock Photos appear in any form in the next version of Adobe Creative Suite?’ Adobe’s answer is reflected right below the question: ‘It is Adobe’s corporate policy not to comment on future product strategy.’ Hmm, they’ve gotten so good at no comment they even pro-actively raise their own questions and then still issue a ‘no comment.’

So your best bet if you were one of the users of Adobe Stock Photo is start culling the images like crazy, download them and save them because after April you won’t be able to.

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