Adobe releases v7.05 patches for Reader, Acrobat

Adobe has released an update patch for Acrobat and Reader that adds Mac OS 10.4 ‘Tiger’ support and a handful of new features which presumably didn’t make it into the original Acrobat 7.0 release. The update fixes a compatibility issue with Quicktime 7 on the Mac platform, adding support for Firefox 1.0 and Mozilla 1.7 browsers. The update will also allow for the entry and display of Hebrew, Thai and Vietnamese text.

One criticism that has been leveled at Acrobat in the past is that many of the most useful features were buried under several layers of menus. This situation has gradually improved over the last few major versions, but many features were still somewhat hidden. The 7.05 update patches come with a new toolbar for Acrobat that allows for one-click text free text annotations.

From a technical standpoint, the new tool doesn’t add anything: it’s just a way to access the existing free text functionality. That said, it indicates that Adobe have chosen to move towards making their flagship technology more user-friendly, which is good news for everyone — and fantastic news for the less Acrobat-savvy among us.

The 7.05 patches are now available for Windows or Macintosh systems from the Adobe website.

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