Adobe Reader X can block malicious PDF spam

Sophos has reported that its research team has tested the Adobe Reader X and found that it stops malicious PDF spam in is tracks. Adobe Reader X incorporates a number of security features to block malicious exploits which could not be stopped in the previous versions of the free PDF viewer.

Paul Baccas, a security researcher at Sophos, reported that his colleagues at SophosLabs have been observing low-level attacks which spam out malicious PDF attachments. The attack is recognised by Sophos products as Mal/PDFEx-J. The attachment when opened by Adobe Reader 8, the PDF displays nothing but attempts to download and run malicious code from a Colombian TLD. If the same attachment is opened by Adobe Reader X, there is no attack and an error message is displayed.

Adobe Reader X has also been successful in blocking other malicious attacks such as an attempt to download and run a fake anti-virus scanner.

Sophos is urging system administrators and users to consider moving to Adobe Reader X as soon as possible to block malicious PDF spam.

Download the free Adobe Reader X from Adobe Reader X

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