Adobe Reader still vulnerable for hacker attack

Last week Adobe announced another flaw in its Adobe PDF Reader program that enables hackers to take over a computer. The flaw was also described at the Advert Labs blog.

Unfortunately Adobe has stated that a patch for the flaw may not be ready till early March. Both past versions and recent versions of Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader are affected.

The malicious code named Trojan.Pidief.E by Symantec has so far not been widespread. A researcher with SourceFire created and published a patch for users until the Adobe patch is released as reported by VNUNET.

By using the flaw hackers are able to embed PDF documents with viruses and malicious code. When users open the infected PDFs using Adobe readers, the code installs on the computer enabling hackers to take control of the computer.

Currently users are advised to use an alternative PDF reader and only open documents from people that you know.

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