Adobe Reader currently the most exploited app

Security firm F-Secure has identified Adobe’s Reader application as the top app targeted for exploitation on its security blog.

F-Secure notes that have seen in the first two months of 2010 it has tracked over 895 targeted attack files and Adobe Reader attacks continue to rise. In 2009, F-Secure said attacks on Adobe files were exploited in 49% of the targeted attacks, in comparison with Microsoft Word that was only 39%.

The security firm also indicated that the total number of attacks was on-pace to ‘more than double’ last year’s figure.

F-Secure notes the change by saying, ‘Primarily there have been more vulnerabilities in Adobe Acrobat/Reader than in the Microsoft Office applications.’

F-Secure also details the work of an online group that has released a new malware campaign that exploits the vulnerabilities patched last month in the program. The attacks are targeted at financial and banking institutions with a PDF file referring to the G20 — the group of top influential economic powers. F-Secure details graphically the attack here.

Although Adobe did not issue any updates today, F-Secure recommends that you still go to the Adobe site to ensure that your updates are current.

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