Adobe rankles printing partners

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UPDATE: After criticism from printing companies, Adobe Systems will remove the controversial link in its October updates to Acrobat and Adobe Reader.

A couple of weeks ago, we covered the response to the Adobe collaboration with FedEx in early June and how its truly tweaking the rancor amongst printers and the graphics and printing industry groups.

From that column we’ve received some additional places where Adobe non-enthusiasts are meeting to converse via Google Groups about Adobe’s decision to enable FedEx Kinko’s Print Online functionality with Adobe Reader and Acrobat.

The backlash is ongoing in regard to the Adobe and FedEx partnership. A group has formed on Google Groups — ‘AdobeScrewsPartners’ and is pushing a campaign aimed at both FedEx and Adobe to rescind the ‘send it’ feature that established the collaboration in the first place.

Additionally, Kurt Foss covered the ongoing issues stemming from the partnership in a story for AcrobatUser community, entitled, ‘FedEx–Kinko’s button in Acrobat 8.1, Reader 8.1 triggers backlash.’

Adobe met with representatives of the Print Industry Forum in July in San Francisco, according to Foss and the meeting resulted in three key recommendations in regard to the latest feature. Foss’ story said Adobe execs have promised to respond to the group by August 1st in relation to the recommendations.

Will Adobe truly to re–evaluate the newly inked FedEx Kinko’s deal? We turn to, to see what will happen and according to that blog, odds are Adobe is not going to meet the print industry demands.
In particular, on the Oracle’s list of what Adobe will do next, number #6 says, ‘Adobe will mea culpa and wax on endlessly, but end result is they are trying to keep the FedEx/Kinko’s revenue and feed us a bone to be good doggies and lay down.’

Stay tuned for more, and for those of you who want to disable the ‘send it to FedEx’ functionality, Adobe has posted a method for doing so and here’s the link for the directions for disabling the function.

We’ll be back covering this ongoing Adobe story!

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