Adobe puts the kibosh on the Send to FedEx button

Just a few short hot weeks of summertime debate on the FedEx collaboration with Adobe and at the end a capitulation from Adobe. The formal statement by Adobe was released on August 2nd in regard to the standing down or rather shutting down of the ‘Send to FedEx Kinko’s’ button.

Adobe’s SVP of the Creative Solutions Business Unit — John Loiacono, also posted the news of the announcement on his blog August 1st. Loiacono who helms ‘JohnnyL’s Blogic’ blog, said the update will be released in about ten weeks. See his blog post.

The update will remove the ‘Send to FedEx Kinko’s button’ from the existing products. Adobe also said in its formal statement that it intends to create a Print Advisory Council to work with third party printers to develop standards for software integration. Smart move. Calls to FedEx were unreturned as of the deadline of this story.

The new version is expected in October.

In regard to the time it takes to push out the ‘Un-Send to FedEx’ version, Loiacono said on his blog, ‘I know that there are a lot of folks who will be asking why we can’t just do it this afternoon. The answer is we can’t just go back to the 8.0 release since the 8.1 release that contains the button included a lot of critical security and quality updates in addition to the new print option.’

Loiacono also gave a personal shout-out to the FedEx Kinko’s team who he termed ‘has a great vision for enabling worldwide remote printing to increase speed and convenience for their customers.’

The battle is over for now, but stay tuned as always.

And remember, if you don’t want to wait till October, you can disable the ‘Send it to FedEX’ functionality by following this method from Adobe.

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