Adobe launches Acrobat 3D

Adobe has announced the immediate availability of a powerful new addition to the Acrobat Family. Not only will Adobe Acrobat 3D incorporate all of the features of Adobe Acrobat 7 Professional, it will also add comprehensive support for 3D design information from major CAD applications. Perhaps the best news for the AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) set is that the new product facilitates the distribution of its designs in a form that is secure, lightweight and above all, truly 3D.

The functional focus of Acrobat 3D is on collaboration with 3D content. Since even users of the free Adobe Reader will be able to view true 3D objects, the collaboration process can be performed without the inefficiencies of sending 2D approximations or the intellectual property concerns of sending insecure source files — not to mention the bandwidth issues.

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‘Today, we capture screen shots of materials from our CAD software for use in various documents, but 2D views don’t completely convey all the details of our designs,’ said Chris Thomson, product engineering manager, ITT Industries. ‘Acrobat 3D could allow us to integrate 3D models into our marketing and product maintenance documentation, enabling readers to more easily understand how components work together. The ability to more securely communicate CAD data in Adobe PDF — through the free and essentially universal Adobe Reader — should help democratize 3D.’

Adobe Acrobat 3D will retail for US$995, with upgrades available for current users of Acrobat 6 Professional (US$699) and Acrobat 7 Professional (US$545). More information can be found on the Adobe Systems website.

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