Adobe isn’t going…no, no, no

One of the best things about writing for Planet PDF is that if you get something wrong there are truly great readers that will make you aware of it and one or two less than happy Adobe folks as well.

So whilst I wrote that Adobe would be in full-designed attendance at the upcoming Conference at Disneyworld, alas I was incorrect and Adobe will not be a sponsor at the event, nor will it be participating in the event according to Lori Defurio of Adobe in a tersely worded email.

I’ve been trying to come up with a whole rhyming tune about this sung to the music of Amy Winehouse’s ‘Rehab’ song which features the lyrics ‘They tried to make me go to rehab, I said no, no, no.’ But I couldn’t. So the best I can say is ‘Adobe is not coming to the upcoming PDF conference at Disney…I said no, no, no.’

In other Adobe news, according to a recent blog entry on McAfee Avert Labs blog, posted on Feb. 11, the lab is ‘tracking an active exploitation of a recently patched vulnerability in Adobe Acrobat Reader now in the wild,’ according to the McAfee.

McAfee Avert Labs noted that exploit works for both browser-based and email attack vectors and affects Adobe Reader 8.1.1 and earlier versions, Adobe Acrobat Professional, 3D and Standard 8.1.1. The company recommends users upgrade their existing version of Acrobat and Adobe Reader, noting, ‘We strongly advise users running vulnerable versions of Adobe Reader and Acrobat to update them from the Adobe site.’

Adobe did indeed dutifully (early last week) release yet another PDF patch and gave a note of thanks to all those who participated in this latest hunt for PDF vulnerabilities. To get the patch, go here. Adobe categorized the specific issue as critical on the advisory.

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