Adobe facing patent suit

New York’s Rosebud LMS has filed a suit that accuses Adobe Systems of patent infringement, fraud, and violation of licensing agreement.

The suit alleges that Rosebud made several presentations to Adobe before Adobe broke off talks in late-2003. According to the complaint, Adobe then used Rosebud’s technology to build its own product, Collaborate Live.

Andrew Spangler, an attorney for Rosebud, said his client was prepared for trial. ‘If you look through the complaint,’ he said, ‘you a see a clear story of leading them on, getting their information, then pushing them off … Adobe has an opportunity to correct it and get it right. If not, we believe everything in the complaint is 100 percent true, and we’ll put the full story before a jury.’

The case is Rosebud LMS Inc. v. Adobe Systems Inc., case number 10-cv-00404, in the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware.

To find out more about the companies involved, check out the official Rosebud LMS and Adobe Systems websites.

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