Adobe expands free Reader to Linux OS & PDF on consumer devices

Adobe Systems today announced it has developed a new version of its free Adobe Reader software for the Linux platform, and in addition, highlighted the first commercial application by the Sony Corporation — embedding the PDF-enabling product in its newly announced car navigation system (for the Japanese market), the Sony HDD AV Navi XYZ series. Consumers will have new ways to access information in PDF without being connected to a PC. Using products based on the consumer electronics version of Linux, users can harness Adobe Reader and PDF that ensures content will appear exactly as intended by the author across a wide range of devices.

NOTE: The current desktop version of the Acrobat Reader for Linux available for public download from is. v.5.08. According to Adobe, the only place this new version of Adobe Reader [reflecting the slight name change beginning with v.6.0] for Consumer Electronics (CE) Linux is currently available is in the Sony car navigation system. ‘It’s not something people can download’ at this time, a spokesperson for the company says, adding that ‘we are continuing to develop Adobe Reader (desktop) for the Linux platform.’

Sony car navigation device

The combination of Adobe Reader and Sony’s new HDD Navi XYZ series will enable customers to access PDF files they encounter on the Web or receive via email anytime, anywhere while traveling by car. As a result, consumers will now have the ability to view and interact with a diverse variety of PDF content, including tourist books, digital photographs and multimedia, while on-the-go in an automobile.

‘Sony’s new HDD AV Navi XYZ series will allow customers to enjoy a wide variety of Internet content in the car,’ said Keiji Kimura, President at Sony IT & Mobile Solution Network Company. ‘We welcome the development of this Adobe Reader for Linux because it will empower customers of Sony’s new Navigation System to view files in PDF, a de facto standard for electronic documents.’

‘We are excited to be working with Sony to further expand the sizable reach of Adobe Reader and to deliver the benefits of Adobe PDF on an open platform,’ said Bruce Chizen, president and chief executive officer of Adobe. ‘Sony’s leadership in the consumer electronics market is unmatched, and with its backing this new version of Linux has limitless potential. As a result of our combined efforts, the power of PDF will now be available to an even wider audience.’

The free Adobe Reader supports numerous desktop and mobile device operating systems and platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, UNIX, Linux, Palm OS, Pocket PC, and Symbian OS.

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