Adobe Digital Editions and Free eBooks, A Great Combination

Being a regular Windows user, I’ve been lucky enough this week to get a first look at Adobe’s new lightweight PDF and XHTML document viewer. We Windows users might have to wait far longer than Mac users for a new operating system, but we always win when it comes to getting access to more software titles sooner. But enough of my gloating.

The Adobe Digital Editions beta is a smart move by Adobe and will be liked by the big free eBook brigade online. If you’re one of them and are on Windows, I highly recommend trying it out today. The application is lightweight and took only a moment to install. The design is minimalist, making it easy to concentrate on reading the document. And best of all, it gives you a sensible way to keep all your eBooks together in the one place.

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What I’d like to see added to Adobe Digital Editions in the future

  • Printing. I’m not a huge printer myself, but most people expect it.
  • Dogear pages. How about a simple way to flag a page in some way so a reader can return to it easily?

What I like about Adobe Digital Editions at first glance

  • Double page view. This displays two pages side-by-side and works nicely for larger screens.
  • Library. A nice simple way to get to all your digital editions.
  • Contents List. The viewer makes use of the bookmarks in a PDF by listing them in a ‘Contents’ drop down list.
  • Hidden tools while reading. Most of the paging, navigating, and viewing tools hide away once you start reading and stop moving the cursor. If you move the cursor, they reappear.

Adobe Digital Editions and Free PDF eBooks

What I especially like is how complimentary it is to the Planet PDF Free PDF eBooks we offer. If you’ve never made it to that section of our site, you can get a bunch of classic books as PDFs — all free for download.

This week’s homework for you is to get some of our free eBooks from Dickens, Tolstoy, Kafka, Joyce, Aesop, Carroll and more and load them up in the new Adobe Digital Editions Beta (download page).

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