Adobe announces new document generation solutions

Adobe recently announced the release of Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite, which encompasses LiveCycle Production Print ES and LiveCycle Output ES.

LiveCycle Production Print ES integrates LiveCycle Designer software with the latest version of StreamServe’s Persuasion software, which is used in the production of documents including bank statements and stock price notifications. The combined solution gives users the capability to produce documents in larger volume.

Additionally the solution supports AFP, PostScript, PCL and PDF formats and gives users advanced functionality in term of document collection, document sorting and imposition with e-stapling. The program also enables Optical Mark Recognition.

LiveCycle Output ES lets users generate, assemble and deliver documents in print or electronic formats. The program also lets users combine newly generated PDF files with existing files from document repositories.

LiveCycle Output ES converts PDF to PostScript or other associated image file formats and can send them to support unattended printing or archival processes.

More information about the latest offering from Adobe can be found at the company Web site.

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