Adobe, AIGA strategic alliance advances communication design

Adobe Systems and AIGA, the professional association of communication design, recently announced a long-term alliance dedicated to advancing design and the use of technology across the creative industries. Through events, seminars and mentoring programs, Adobe’s national alliance with AIGA will highlight the impact of design on the economy and society, as well as creating forums for designers to learn more about technology and give feedback on what they require from technology companies.

‘AIGA has a long history of initiating innovative programs that nurture designers and move the craft of design forward,’ said Jim Heeger, senior vice president of Creative Professional Products at Adobe. ‘Only by working closely with designers will Adobe’s technology platforms keep pace with the changing needs of creative professionals and ensure that tomorrow’s designers have the tools they need to deliver great design that enriches our everyday experience.’

The alliance touches designers across the entire arc of their professional development. Adobe has supported key AIGA initiatives, such as ‘The Power of Design: AIGA National Design Conference’ which focused on how designers will play a critical role in the 21st Century to further social, economic, environmental change. In addition Adobe will provide resources to help AIGA increase their membership as well as communicate the importance of design in its marketing and product communications.

An example of Adobe and AIGA collaboration at the formative stage of young designers’ development is the AIGA New York chapter Mentoring Program, where students from New York City’s High School of Design receive skills training and tools from local AIGA members and Adobe to advance their creativity and their careers. For more information on the Mentoring Program visit

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