AdLib Releases Exponent, Raises AdLib Server Applications to a Higher Power

AdLib eDocument Solutions, a leading developer of Automated Document Interchange (ADI) software, announces the release of AdLib Exponent 1.2. It provides intelligent job management, load balancing between multiple AdLib eXpress Servers, extends connectivity to UNIX machines, deploys a fault-tolerant architecture and offers enterprise scalability.

‘This is a significant product milestone for AdLib,’ says Peter Duff, Vice President/Software Development. ‘Five years ago, electronic document publishing was focused at the desktop, and more recently at the server level. Now, enterprise scalability is needed to meet the sheer volumes of documents flowing through your organization. Exponent is designed to meet those needs through its scalable distributed processing architecture.’

Through Exponent, an organization can share and aggregate distributed publishing resources — providing the scalable, load-balanced, 24/7 capabilities needed for time-sensitive, large-scale document conversion. Using a flexible and modular architecture, Exponent suits a wide variety of document-processing requirements for both single- and multi-server configurations.

Feature highlights of AdLib Exponent include:

  • Accessibility: Link Microsoft, UNIX & Linux platforms together through a powerful Web service interface

  • Flexibility: A modular architecture allows easy integration into IT philosophy.

  • Intelligent Resource Sharing: Manage job priorities and fully utilize existing hardware investments.

  • Load Balanced Scalability: Essential for time-sensitive, large-scale document conversion.

  • Fault Tolerant Design: Eliminate single points of failure and enable 24/7 capabilities with n+1 redundancy.

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