AdLib eXpress 2.9 released

AdLib eDocument Solutions has announced an update to AdLib eXpress. Adding support for Unicode fonts including Japanese and Sanskrit, version 2.9 can be accessed from multiple platforms such as Linux and Unix. This has been made possible due to AdLib eXpress’s integration with AdLib’s complimentary Exponent product.

The net result is that with eXpress Server 2.9 and Exponent working in tandem, document rendering services can be scaled up from a single eXpress server to a multi-server resource with platform independent access points, load balanced processing and robust fault tolerance. The new Compressor add-on can also work with eXpress Server to reduce the size of files containing B&W images by up to 80%.

‘This release demonstrates AdLib’s commitment to providing the most comprehensive document conversion solution available,’ states Scott Mackey, AdLib’s Product Line Manager ‘eXpress 2.9 offers new levels of performance and reliability for enterprise document workflows.’

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