Adding Your Own Text to PDFs with Acrobat

If you’ve ever had the need to add text to a PDF after you’ve created it, then read on.

By utilising the Text Annotation Tool it’s possible to add new text to your PDF file. From the Annotation flyout menu(The icon by default is a Page of text, you will need to click and hold your mouse button for it to appear), select the second Tool in the flyout menu – Text Annotation Tool.

Now, whenever you click on a blank space on the page, Acrobat will create a blank text area ready for you to type your new text into(the cursor should be blinking). Once you have added your text, you will need to ‘set’ the text area, this is done by selecting the Hand Icon from the toolbar and clicking outside of your text area (usually on the page).

Depending on how many lines of text you entered you may see that the text is wrapped to the next line(s), this can be adjusted by using the Hand Tool to select and resize the text area.

Also if you are wondering how to change the colour of the text or the font being used then stay tuned till next week. No just kidding. Once again using the Hand Tool select your text area and select ‘Properties’ from the ‘Edit’ menu (Ctrl + I), this dialog will allow you to change the font, title of the annotation and other formatting settings.

Need to make a change to the new text? Then using the Hand Tool, double click your text area and the text will be highlighted, ready for editing.

Another quick tip is if you have the Text Touchup Tool selected and you hold down the control key, Acrobat will allow you to add text in exactly the same way, the control key acts as a toggle for the Text Annotation Tool. (Thanks to George Johnson for pointing out this quick key).


This technique is not recommended for adding large amounts of text.

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