Adding Voice Comments to Your PDFs

Sometimes it’s easier to speak something than to write it down — that’s the principle behind the Sound Attachment Tool, one of Acrobat 5’s comment tools. For example, lawyers are renowned for their love of dictaphones, which they wield in place of a pen or a keyboard, to update legal documents. After recording their alterations, an assistant will work with this tape and the source document, updating for it for another review process. Generally speaking voice comments can be useful for proofing documents.

What’s useful here too is the fact that all the preparatory information is stored together — unlike more traditional dictation system that employ tapes, paper and electronic copies. Once you get the hang of it, shooting off some short comments next to the paragraphs in question could save time and effort — especially if you don’t like typing.

Remember you need a microphone for this tip to work!

  1. Select the Sound Attachment Tool and select the place on the page you want the comment to go.

  2. Press the Record button and speak into your microphone. Alternatively, insert a WAV file if it is already recorded and available.

  3. The comment is now recorded. To play it back, click on the Sound Attachment button.

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