Adding Video to PDF with Adobe Acrobat

There are a number of ways to add a video file to a PDF document. This tutorial is just one way to do so.

This tutorial is for adding a video (.mov file) into a PDF document being created in Adobe Acrobat XI (CC version). The video will appear on its own page.

Step 1:
Select File, Crate and click on PDF from File…

Create New PDF From File

Step 2:
Select Files from desired folder

Add Files Into PDF

Step 3:
In the top tool bar click insert page from another file.

Insert Page From Another File

Step 4:
In show files select ‘Multimedia’.

Select Multimedia File as File Type

Step 5:
Insert desired video file.

Select Video File to Upload

Step 6:
Click OK (you can go into advanced options at this point or later)

Click OK

The Video will now appear on the page. It will be have a default insert size. The video can be resized and moved around within the page.

To edit the size and move around there two more steps

Step 7:
From the tools side bar, select ‘Interactive Objects’ and ‘Select Object’.

Select Object from Interactive Objects List

Step 8:

Edit the image using the points on the sides, and use the cursor to move the video around.

Edit Image Size and Position in PDF

Adding a video into an existing page is done in a slightly different way from the technique used here. It uses the Interactive Objects tool page that you can see in the final step (Step 7). It is likely that this will be a follow up article in the learning centre soon.

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