Adding Page Labels

A nice feature in Acrobat is the ability to ‘name’ or label pages with meaningful descriptions rather than just page numbers.

This can be very useful if your PDF document contains an introduction section and is then split into sections or has specific chapter

numbers. By adding Page Labels to a page or even a range of pages you instantly get to that section by typing its name in the Page Number

box at the bottom of the screen (on the status bar).

So how exactly do we add Page Labels? Well it would seem that the only way to add these labels is to firstly show the Thumbnails Pane (or

the Pages Pane as it’s now called in Version 6), now we can simply Right Click and choose ‘Number Pages…’ or from the ‘Options’ menu in the

Pages Pane select ‘Number Pages…’.

Creating labelled pages is very straightforward, there’s basically two parts to it. Firstly define the pages you want numbered and then

secondly define the label to be applied to those page numbers.

Enter a page range from the ‘Pages’ section at the top and then choose a section numbering style from the ‘Numbering’ secton at the bottom

of the dialog. You have the following numbering options:

  • Decimal (the default)
  • Lower Case Roman Numerals (iii,iv,v,vi)
  • Upper Case Roman Numerals (III,IV,V,VI)
  • Lower Case AlphaNumerics (a,aa,aaa)
  • Upper Case AlphaNumerics (A,AA,AAA)

In addition to these you can also add a ‘prefix’ to the numbering series. For example, if you wanted it to read ‘CH1’, ‘CH2’ and so on you

would simply enter ‘CH’ into the ‘Prefix’ box and the numbering would be taken care of for you.

Once you’ve entered a page range and also selected a number series type, click OK and Acrobat will automatically update the Page Numbers

at the bottom.

The beauty of this system is that both your custom page name and also the page number are listed side by side, so you always know what

‘real’ page you are on.

To test it out simply enter the name or character into the page number box, for example if you Roman Numerals you could simply type: ‘i’

or ‘iii’ or ‘cdxiv’ (in the case of Acrobat JS Spec – 414 pages).

If you are looking for software that can set the Page Labels from within Microsoft Word try AcroTips DocLabel. Also another product which can make permanent numbered

‘stamps’ on each page try ARTS PDF Stamper

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