Adding Headers and Footers to your PDFs

Have you found yourself needing to add company letterhead information to an entire document? This can be a time-consuming, tedious process when done manually, but Adobe Acrobat allows you to add headers or footers to any page with a simple menu command. The items can be left-aligned, centered or right-aligned, and can be configured to appear on every page, alternate pages, or just the first and the last. It’s your call. Pretty neat, huh?

Here’s how:

  1. In Acrobat, select Document > Add Headers and Footers.
  2. Type the text of the header or footer in the ‘Insert Custom Text’ box. Click insert.
  3. You will notice the text appearing in the top left box. You can now align it to the
    left, the center or the right. You can also change the font and font size.
  4. Click Preview to view and OK if you are satisfied with your new header and/or footer.

You will notice you can also include the date and page numbers, setting margins if your prefer. Ensure you click ‘Insert’ to refresh the changes and make them appear in the top boxes.

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