Adding Articles to your PDFs with Acrobat

Articles in Acrobat are invisible areas which when clicked, guide you through the sections and pages in your document. The best analogy is that of a newspaper, which has columns which lead to other pages. So if you have text columns in your PDF you can add articles to cover these columns of text to make reading your PDF’s easier.

To add your own Articles to a PDF, select the Articles Tool, and drag a single column of your text over your first column of text and then drag a new article area over the subsequent columns of text. Your article headers will have an Article number and then a current Article index number, eg. 1-1, 1-2, 1-3.

Once you have created the Article columns you will need to ‘set’ the articles to the page, to do this simply select the Hand Tool, Acrobat will now prompt you to enter some descriptive information about this article: Title, Subject, Author and Keywords.

You can view all of the Articles in a PDF by utilising the Window>’Show/Hide Articles’ menu option, by double-clicking the article it will take you to the page and activate the Article for reading (the mouse icon will change).


Later versions of Framemaker can generate Articles automatically from either the text frame or the columns in your Framemaker Books.

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