activePDF announces the release of activePDF Architect WBE 2010

activePDF, Inc. a provider of server-based PDF creation, conversion and development tools for Microsoft Windows, has announced the official release of activePDF Architect WBE 2010, an API for constructing PDF documents dynamically.

A .NET solution, activePDF Architect WBE 2010 has been designed to simplify the process for developers needing to programmatically create PDF documents. Providing control over the formatting and positioning of page content, the product features tools for incorporating text, images, tables, form fields, bookmarks, annotations, and file attachments.

‘While there are a number of low-level PDF creators popping up on the market, activePDF’s longevity and reputation for quality sets Architect apart,’ stated activePDF CEO and founder, Tim Sullivan. ‘When you combine our 10 plus years in business with a full-service support offering and a rock-solid in house development team, it’s easy to see why our clients have the confidence in integrating these components into mission critical applications. They can rest assured knowing they have a solid company to back them up.’

Priced at $299 per server, with no per user or per document fees, trial versions of activePDF Architect WBE 2010 can be downloaded from the official activePDF website.

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