Acrobat WebDav Demo – Share Acrobat Comments

Test WebDav server available for public use from Planet PDF – share your Acrobat PDF comments

We’ve set up a temporary ‘Online Comments Demo’ site on Planet PDF — a publicly accessible WebDAV server to allow users to test drive Adobe Acrobat 5.0’s capabilities for reviewing and sharing comments online. See the details further below on how to set up the proper configuration to try the demo.


With Acrobat, multiple users can view and add comments to the same Adobe PDF document from within their Web browsers, which can significantly accelerate the document review process. Graphics professionals can use Web-based document review cycles with their clients and colleagues, thereby saving money by reducing the costs associated with printing and approving comps.

Commenting from within or outside a Web browser

From Acrobat version 5.0 onwards, you can open Adobe PDF files from within a Web browser, and access and use many of Acrobat’s commenting tools on the document within the browser window. Working directly within Acrobat, you can make (see the floating and expandable Comment Tools palette, at right) and directly upload comments (under the File menu in the toolbar) if you have an active Internet connection, or save them until the next time you log on, then upload them to the server.

Go Ahead — Make and Upload Your Comments!

First, you’ll need the full Acrobat product, from Acrobat version 5.0 or higher– and definitely not only the free Acrobat Reader, even the latest version.

Next, configure Acrobat ‘Preferences’ settings as follows:

  1. In the main toolbar, select ‘Edit > Preferences > General
  2. Select the ‘Reviewing‘ menu item (In Acrobat 5.0 it is called ‘Online Comments‘)
  3. In the ‘Server Type‘ drop-down menu, choose ‘WebDAV’
  4. Enter this exact ‘Server Setting‘ —

    (make sure you include the trailing slash)

  5. Click OK; now you’re ready to comment on line

Start with this one-page PDF file [PDF: 60kb]:


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