Acrobat 6 First Look – Search and Catalog

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Acrobat 6 now allows you to search multiple PDF documents, albeit somewhat more
slowly, without first having to index them with Catalog. In addition, the
search user interface has been redesigned to be, not suprisingly, more Web
oriented in its look and feel. This new system looks much more similar to what
you would expect from the search system provided by Apple’s Sherlock, the
built-in Microsoft Windows XP search and of course, Google itself.

To search multiple PDF documents a user selects the files or folders to search
across and adds a search phrase and other criteria. More complex Boolean
searching is still limited to indexed PDF documents.

Search and Results

The separate dialogs — the Find dialog for searching currently open PDF and the
Search dialog for searching indexed collections of files — are gone and in
their place is the ‘search PDF? pane.


Simple and Advanced searching compared

Search Bookmarks & Comments

Search now includes support for searching bookmarks and comments and allows the
user to use these and document information fields to search all areas of a PDF.

Catalog Exclusive to Acrobat Professional

While indexes will continue to work across all versions of Acrobat and the new
Adobe Reader (previously known as Acrobat Reader), creation of them with
Catalog is exclusive to the Acrobat Professional version.

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