Acrobat 6 First Look – Creating PDFs

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The latest release has definitely improved the ease of PDF creation. Adobe’s marketing calls this ‘one button’ or ‘one step’ PDF creation and in most cases it really is that easy.

PDFMaker has been expanded from some Microsoft Office products to include support for:

  • Outlook
  • AutoCAD (Windows only)
  • Visio (Windows only)
  • Microsoft Project (Windows only)

Simpler file conversion

By selecting a group of files from a folder or desktop, right-clicking, and selecting from one of the PDF-related options, a user can quickly convert a batch of files as separate files or can combine them with Acrobat’s binder tool.

For Internet Explorer users on Windows computers a new conversion toolbar is included that makes it easier to grab as a PDF and even convert to PDF and then combine with an existing PDF.


Convert to PDF Preferences

The new conversion preferences are a nice addition that help the conversion stay ‘one touch.’ For example, if you wanted all the TIFF images you convert to PDF to always have same compression, or your Word files to always come with bookmarks, the ‘Convert to PDF’ preferences can be utilized to stop you from having to select these options each time.


Convert multiple files to PDFs with right menu

The Create PDF from Multiple Documents is likely to be a popular feature as the process is simple and easy to learn. Users select the files they want to combine, puts them in the right order, and the conversion is done.


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