Accessing Properties with the Acrobat Properties Toolbar

This new feature of Acrobat 6 provides you with a convenient way to access and change properties for almost any object that exists or is created in Acrobat.

To really see this in action let’s create two new objects, firstly a Note Comment and secondly a Form Button.

Open up a test PDF, and select the Note tool from the Commenting toolbar.

Create a note on the page and enter some text into it.

To show the Properties Bar the easier way is using its shortcut key — Control-E. You can also select ‘Properties Bar’ from the ‘Toolbar’ submenu of the ‘Tools’ menu.

When the Properties Bar is selected and you click on the text note you created the properties bar will display all of the relevant properties.

Now create a Form button on the page and make sure it’s selected. You should see the Properties Bar update to reflect the appropriate properties for the Button.

If you keep this toolbar handy you’ll find it comes in very handy for doing fast edits to form controls, annotations and even Links.

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