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You may frequently need certain Adobe PDF files that are stored in various folders on your hard disk, on network servers, and even on the World Wide Web. The Organizer feature in Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional makes it easy to view your PDF files quickly, no matter where you store them. You can group them in ways that make sense to you, even if they’re stored in multiple locations.

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  1. Open the Organizer.

    Click the Organizer button on the File toolbar, or choose File > Organizer > Open Organizer. Acrobat opens the Organizer window, which contains panes to help you group and locate your PDF files.

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  1. Add a collection folder.

    You can group your files into collections. To add a collection folder, right-click (Windows) or Control- click (Mac OS) the Collections category or a collection folder, and then choose Create A New Collection. Type a name for the collection.

    When you first create a collection folder, it’s empty.

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  1. Add files from the History category.

    Acrobat keeps track of the PDF files you view and lists them in the History category. Click Today, Yesterday, or another option to see the PDF files you viewed in the associated time period. To add a PDF file to your collection, drag it from the Files pane to the collection name in the Categories pane on the left side.

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