ABCpdf PDF Library updates to Version 9.1

ABCpdf by WebSuperGoo is a PDF library for Microsoft users has undergone a major update to version 9.1. The PDF library focuses on document and image editing for those developing with ASP, VB and .NET. The update promises increased capabilities in rendering, creating and conversion tools.

ABCpdf 9.1 has the capability of interacting with a variety of files from image, office, HTML and more. The library allows for a range of capabilities for converting and manipulating one file type into a PDF as well as other useful features.

Interestingly WebSuperGoo provide a license free of charge for those who provide back links to their site. This is done through four programs: Homepage Endorsement, Dedicated Web Page, Worthy Causes or Notable individuals.

A full product description can be found on the WebSuperGoo website.

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