A new version of Scan2CAD for PDF conversion

Softcover International Limited, a software developer, announced a new version v8 of Scan2CAD, its flagship Raster to Vector conversion software, with now integrated capability for PDF to CAD conversion. Scan2CAD v8 now supports conversion of PDF files into DXF files which can be edited or used on GIS, CAD and CNC software.

The new Scan2CAD v8 is a cost-effective solution which provides combined capability of Raster to Vector and PDF to CAD conversion. The new capability will allow users of CAD, CNC and GIS software to convert and use the PDF files of technical drawings, site plans, contour maps, schematics and shape outlines, etc.

Scan2CAD v8 also offers new flexible licensing options which would allow users to run Scan2CAD on more than one PC via the use of portable memory disk such as USB stick.

Read more about Scan2CAD v8 or download a free 14-day trial at the official product website.

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