618 Ways to bet on Super Bowl 2004 listed in PDF

Not everyone who will tune in to the Super Bowl this Sunday will care which team wins, or even which teams are playing. Some watch only the top-dollar commercial advertisements — another sort of big-money championship — that are sandwiched liberally between the game action.

Then there are those fans who are seriously interested in the outcome of the game — because they’ve placed a bet on either the Carolina Panthers or New England Patriots, the two teams who’ve achieved the major pro football extravaganza in Houston.

Sportsbook.com says more than $70 million will be wagered in Nevada on this one event, with more than twice that expected to be bet via the Internet. The current line and betting, according to a news release issued by the gambling site:

‘While New England is the favorite — spotting Carolina 7 points — more money is being wagered on Carolina.’

But betting on the winner and final score is a small part of the wagering that will take place, according to a PDF file posted by Sportsbook.com that lists the ‘entire selection of wagers‘ [PDF: 151kb] it is offering — a total of 618 different bets!

In addition to the obvious, here’s a sampling of some other bets available from Sportsbook.com:

  • Will Jake Delhomme outperform Tom Brady?
  • Will Stephen Davis out-rush Antowain Smith?
  • Will SI cover boy Muhsin Muhammad outperform Deion Branch?
  • Yardage of the shortest field goal of the
  • The coin toss, heads or tails?
  • Will Muhammad have more receiving yards that Phil Mickelson’s 4th
    Round Score?
  • Will Steve Smith have more receiving yards that Vijay Singh’s 4th
    Round Score?
  • Will the Mighty Ducks have more shots on goal than Patriots’ points?
  • Will the Lakers put up more points in the first half than Carolina and
    New England score in the Super Bowl?
  • Will Arsenal and Manchester United score more points or New England
    more Touchdowns?

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