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PDF In-Depth

Cordova, Xamarin, and PDF

PDF is platform independent, and a well-worn veteran in the world of document exchange. That said, the delivery, display and usage environment has changed somewhat over the past 5 years. Fancy applications that perform all those useful tasks

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Remember back in the 90s, when desktops were all the rage, and laptops and smartphones were, well, mostly non-existent. The powerful technology from Microsoft at that time included Windows 3.1, Windows NT and Windows 98. Well, fast-forward 30 odd years into the future, and powerful devices that can display things using Microsoft Windows Universal Platform (UWP) technology are everywhere. By using this technology, software developers can now create universal apps for use on Xbox One, Hololens and of course, Windows 10, and Windows Mobile..

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PDF News

Planet PDF Team

Foxit’s Planet PDF Team’s experience extends back to the very beginning of PDF. We have not only watched the development of PDF as a standard document exchange format, we expanded our knowledge by using the technology.

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Planet PDF Sponsors

Foxit’s Planet PDF is brought to you in part by the contributions of the following companies. We would like to thank all our site sponsors for their continued support of us, as well as their continued efforts in developing solutions for PDF users.

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